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We believe that creating long term relationships with our users is vital to our growth. For this cause, we continually provide support to help you understand how this works.

Here, we would share how projects are completed, and how and where services are showcased, ordered and moderated. We would also share how payment is made, where the money goes, how much we charge on each transaction and when users can cash out money. All steps here require that the participating users have signed up; the seller has posted a service and the buyer is logged in.

Post Projects

For those who want to have options of works to choose from, you can get several service providers to complete your project. To do this, post a project by clicking ‘POST IT HERE‘ under the Browse Projects page from the main menu, ‘Post a project‘ under the RECENT PROJECTS section of the home page, or under My projects in My account menu (on PC only).

The following details are needed:

  • Project Name: This should be a descriptive name for your project so that people can easily understand what works would be involved. For instance, ‘Building a Bungalow‘.
  • Your Budget: It is important to share the full budget for carrying out the whole project. Your budget should be between ₦100,000 and ₦100,000,000. By providing this information, service providers would have an idea of your bargain expectations.
  • Duration (in Days): You have to specify a maximum number of days it would take to complete the whole project so that people can see progress and bid for works not done yet.
  • Category: Select the right category to place the project so that prospective service providers know what kinds of services would be done to complete their assignments.
  • Description: Here is where you should give a detailed description of the project. You would not be able to add documents here but when sending custom offers, you can.
  • Tags: Enter some tags to help people find your project easily. Tags would also help people get an idea of the kinds of tasks involved that may not be explicitly mentioned in the description.

Click SAVE to submit the project for review. If successful, the project would be listed on the website for service providers to submit their offers.

Please note that your project would be approved only after your account has been credited with at least 40% of your budget amount via the Funds Deposit feature on your dashboard OR the Commitment Deposit tool on the project post. Sequel to our approval, from your deposit, 10% of your budget amount would be withheld until you pay, at least, for a preferred service or bargain, or no bid was received within 30 days from the date the project was published, only then would it be refunded for your use on the system or cash out where applicable.

After your project has been published, you may now go ahead to bargain or order services you need from the bids. Simply order directly or bargain orders as explained in the steps for Placing Orders.

Join Agency

We have developed an agency of project teams including project managers, supervisors and assistants. These teams execute projects from start to finish on behalf of our clients. The agency is designed to help clients who are not readily available to handle project management by themselves.

Click here to join our agency today. It’s an easy process!

Partner With Us

Clients can partner by hiring between 5 to 100 service providers per time and get support with service verification and project management support without stress. Training institutes and communities can partner by showcasing up to 100 listings by service providers per time at a heavily discounted price.

Click here to partner with us for recruitment services or workers’ sponsorship.

Post Services

Everyone can post services. To post a service, click ‘Post a service‘ at the top/bottom of the page, from a search results page (after searching) or your profile Display Name after clicking/tapping (on Mobile only), select a plan, provide the service details and make payment (where you are just choosing a plan) to complete your submission for a review. Prices are inclusive of VAT.

The following details are needed:

  • Service Name: A name to call it, e.g. ‘I would fix your plumbing‘, ‘gates and doors‘, etc. Just make sure it’s a name that is easy to find.
  • Price (NGN): Enter a price for which you would do this service. It’s better to enter your highest price here. Buyers can bargain your orders with you and place custom orders of your bargain price from your post. However, it must be at least ₦5,000 and at most ₦5,000,000. If an order has been placed worth a lower amount than you can afford to deliver, you may ask the client to place a custom order to make up or dispute the order (please don’t click START in this case).
  • Duration (In Days): Enter the number of days it would take to complete the service. It’s better to enter your highest number of days here. Buyers can bargain your orders with you and place custom orders of your bargain duration from your post. However, it must be at least 1 day. If an order has been placed for fewer days, please ask the client if you can delay the order and ensure he/she responds otherwise, please dispute the order (please don’t click START in this case).
  • Category: Select an appropriate category for your service. It makes it easy to find. If your work is to build a wooden house. Don’t select Building & Construction, select Wooden House category under Building & Construction. It makes people figure out easily if you do exactly what they want.
  • Description: Go ahead and describe what you do in very good detail. Less is more so please be straightforward in your first few lines that tell what you do. Please check our Terms of Service for posting guidelines on prohibited items.
  • Gallery: Select up to 5 pictures that would scroll by clicking the plus ‘+’ sign below the gallery box. Upload pictures of services you provide only. Buyers would give you bad rating if they figure out that you don’t know what they want and they had to conclude the order after accepting your work. Be careful to know your work!
  • Video: Want to stand out? You can upload a video of your best services done to Youtube, Vimeo or any popular video sharing service and add the link here. Buyers are much more attracted to videos. However, please make it brief and interesting so they don’t get carried away.
  • Extra services: Click the ‘+’ plus sign here to add extra items the client can select in the order. For instance. If your service is a house cleaning type. You might want to charge a consultation fee in the order price e.g. ₦5,000 and then using extra services, vary the room types by price e.g. Bedroom can be +₦2,000 and living room can be +₦3,000 for instance. Use a brief description please.
  • Tags: Enter keywords here that would be easy to find from a web search. If you are building a house, you might want to specify words like dangote, house, cement, rocks, building, construction, etc. so that people searching for these things on the internet can find you here. You never know what they are searching for. They might be looking for you.
  • Opening message: This is an introductory message sent to the buyer after paying an order for your service. For instance, if you want to work on a house wiring, you might want to say, “To complete wiring, please tell me how large the room is, how far the sockets are from the generator, and what kind of house you live“. This helps the buyer to provide the information you need early enough to help you get started.

Click SAVE to post the service. We would review your submission within 24 hours and if it passes our test through our terms, we would approve it. Otherwise, we would not and may not advise you why. Some cases are not acceptable and we have no reservations for those kinds of services especially if they appear fraudulent.

To send an offer for a project, you can use an approved service. If acceptable by the buyer, you would get an order. You can also offer a referral commission for your posted service at any time. Just login and view the service post. Then set a value between 5 and 40 (5% – 40%). Affiliates would be paid from your balance immediately after an order has been completed and accepted for the posted service.

Please check your emails regularly. Buyers would give you bad ratings when you start orders late. You have 24 hours to respond to orders or else payment would be refunded.

Verify Services

Service verification provides a level of assurance to our users that your posted service has truly been done by a human being before and is not just a listing on our website. After posting on the website, the VERIFY THIS SERVICE button appears for the service listing in your account.

This brings a process which allows you to enter your legal name, email address, skype ID, upload your National Identity Card/Slip and perform a self-enrollment. We would attempt to verify your name and address to be sure you live there and verify your work history. When your credentials are found to be valid with your name and address reported true by security agencies, your full identity and work history (for the service) is confirmed as true, we would mark your service as ‘Verified’ in green color where displayed on the website.

Buyers should please note that this is not a security check. It is only an identity check. In as much as we would have information on the most recently verified address, we would not have information about the character of the individual. Please conduct due diligence accordingly. See our Identity Verification Terms of Service and Privacy Policy for more information.

Place Orders

To place an order, click on the service to view in detail, then click the ORDER button and follow the simple steps to make payment. We charge a 7.5% commission as VAT on all orders so we can pay tax. If the price doesn’t fit what you want, you can place a custom order. To do this, you would need to send an offer through the BARGAIN link and wait for the seller to send a bargained offer via messaging.

Both ways, buyer and seller can reject offers. However, the buyer may accept the bargained offer from the seller by paying for it through checkout.

When a buyer orders a service, payment is made through Credits or Paystack Gateway using a valid MasterCard and Visa Debit/Credit Card from any country or NUBAN Account Number. After successful payment, the buyer will be redirected to the order detail page.

At this stage, an invoice would be automatically created and the order status changed to ACTIVE.

Escrow & Commission

We would temporarily hold the payment from the buyer when the order is in progress. We would keep 10% as commission and send the remainder to the Working balance of the seller. At this time, the seller would have to click START to begin working and click DELIVER when done with the service.

Users are advised to take snapshots of work and upload before delivering services to prevent disputes or failures in the same.

Become an Active Affiliate

Affiliates are users who share unique affiliate links with other people who sign up to join them on the platform. From orders paid and finished by the referred user, 2% commission is paid to the affiliate.

Affiliates shall also get paid between 5% to 40% for orders paid and finished by each referred user. Sellers who set referral commissions would have affiliates automatically paid after order acceptance from the order amount in their Available Balance.

Every user, buyer and seller is a potential affiliate with us. After sign up and email verification, an affiliate link would be assigned. When shared with anyone who signs up (on the same browser) as long as the browser window remains open, they automatically become the referral of the user who owns the link.

Things to know about the Affiliate feature:

  • Upon login, after account activation, the affiliate link for each user can be found on the Referrals page. This is accessible by clicking My Referrals from the account or dashboard menu.
  • An affiliate link looks like this –[number], where the [number] is unique for every account. Though the link does not get activated when logged in, it would be possible to login and check if the link is still active in the browser.
  • It’s possible to encounter a typo so we have provided a quick way to clear this. By visiting, the memory of the active affiliate would be cleared. Afterwards, the correct affiliate link can be opened on the browser.
  • Affiliates have been provided with open access to a Business Center for engaging with clients. Click here to get started.

Affiliates are provided with a list of users referred to enable interaction and follow up except the Last Man Standing Affiliates. These are affiliates who referred service providers that got hired by customers with no affiliate. In the absence of an affiliate, such users would get paid.

Affiliates who referred service providers to pay and post services shall get from the service post price, a commission based on the service post plan referral offering. Affiliates who refer service providers that collectively post up to 15 services are called Agents. Those who refer Agents shall be paid twice their commissions on service posting each time 15 services are posted by their referrals.

To view the bonus accrued for referring Agents, login to check your Affiliates History by clicking My Referrals under My Account menu. You would see a field called Bonus (Qty). This implies that the amount being the Bonus has been accumulated from the number of service posts that accrued the bonus being the Qty in brackets. When the Qty in bracket reaches 15, you would be paid the total amount accumulated then the Bonus and Qty would be reset to ₦0.00 (0). Therefore, the Qty shall always be a number between 0 and 14.

Abuse of the Affiliates feature may result to a possible removal of all referrals, account suspension or forfeiture of all benefits aforementioned. Be advised!

Manage Affiliate History

On the Referrals page, a list of referrals would be available. Every user can view their affiliate history from here to see the name, email and registration date of their referrals. In the case where a user has over 10 referrals or even hundreds, a quick search can help to narrow down results.

The list is shown in pages with 10 referrals per page. Even if a user has thousands of referrals, viewing and searching has been made easy to enable keeping tabs with referrals.

Working with Coupons

To foster special promotions, we have a partnership option for sellers of services. Using coupons, service providers can participate in our promotional campaigns by offering discounts in percentage and fixed amounts served to buyers for every season. To participate, the seller needs to:

  1. Register for an account on the marketplace, update their profile and payment accounts.
  2. Post a service for showcase with a price above ₦5,000 so that buyers can get some discount.
  3. When the service is approved, send a request via email to
  4. Sellers who posted services using a free trial would have to pay up the trial amount via a minimum deposit of ₦21,000 through their account dashboard. The remainder can be cashed out if the service posting fee is less than ₦21,000.
  5. Within 24 hours after full compliance, the coupons feature would be activated for all services on their account.

However, here a few points to note about this feature:

  • For security reasons, payment accounts update would be restricted on the account. To change this, sellers should let us know and we would turn off the coupons feature for a few hours.
  • In addition, sellers with such accounts would not be able to make payments for other services on the marketplace using the income from their account. They can only cash out their money.
  • Lastly, sellers with such accounts would not be able to edit or delete their services because they are included in online and offline promotional campaigns. They can post new services anyway.

Coupons cannot be used by buyers or sellers who were referred by affiliates simply because the their commissions were promised on the full price.

Join Our Community

Following the need to provide support services tailored for the different people in our business, we developed a community. Our team is available there to help with open answers to questions and showcase of free / premium events from time to time.

Click here to join our community today.

Dispute Resolution

To submit a dispute for an order, click the order to view in detail and click the DISPUTE button.

A dispute can be submitted by the buyer or seller. Reasons for disputes might include matters like “my tap is still leaking”, “the paint is fake”, “the chair broke upon delivery”, etc.

When a dispute is submitted, the buyer and seller would be required to provide information which might include photos and links to videos (optional but recommended) to prove their cases. We review disputes within 24 – 48 hours and our decision could take up to 5 working days to be passed usually after due diligence.

If the dispute goes in favor of the seller, we would send the money to the Available balance of the seller. Otherwise, we would refund the money as credit to the buyer’s Available balance. The 10% commission we charge as a fee for our agency service is non-refundable except the seller did not start the service. In that case, we may include the commission in a refund.

Please note that, on all order amounts, bank charges would not be refunded to the buyer’s bank or PayPal account. Furthermore, if a Nigerian Debit/Credit Card was used on the Paystack Gateway to make payment, processing fees of 1.5% (+ ₦100 included for orders from ₦2,500+) up to a maximum of ₦2,000 on order amounts would not be refunded to the buyer’s bank account. Likewise if an International (Non-Nigerian) Debit/Credit Card was used, processing fees of 3.9% + ₦100 would not be sent as refund to the buyer’s PayPal account under any circumstances. Charge for cash out shall be deducted for processing refunds to bank or PayPal accounts.

It is strongly advised that order buyers spend refunds within the system to avoid charge deductions when cashing out to their bank or PayPal accounts. If not signed up yet, new sellers can be referred by buyers to sign up and receive orders from them after receiving refunds from disputes.

Finish Services

When the seller has provided the service and marked it as DELIVERED (by clicking DELIVER), the buyer checks on site to confirm that the service is delivered, taking pictures where necessary and attaches to the order. If undisputed, the buyer clicks ACCEPT to mark the service has finished. When this is done, the buyer submits a review and rating of the seller and clicks SEND.

At the same time, the service payment money is transferred from the Working balance to the Available balance of the seller’s account.

Cash Out

To get money to your PayPal or bank account, click Cash Out from the top of the page or your profile Display Name after clicking/tapping (on Mobile only). Click the ‘Request here’ link to get a secure code, enter the amount you want to cash out and the code, then click the SUBMIT button.

You can cash out a minimum of ₦1,000 and a maximum of ₦100,000,000 per time but the money must be reflected in your Available Balance. Please ensure you have provided your Payment Account Details before moving forward.

Every cash out through Bank is charged at 0.1% + ₦53.75 while every cash out through PayPal is charged at 0.1% + ₦107.50 and paid using live exchange rates (including 10% cross border fee). PayPal payments made on Oct 23, 2020 at exactly 04:14am (GMT +1) are due in USD at the rate of ₦420.20 per USD (subject to fluctuation).

We do not permit cash out to Nigerian PayPal accounts. PayPal prohibits this! If this happens however, we DO NOT accept responsibility for any issue that may arise due to fluctuating interest rates, expense on currency exchange, settlement failure and other financial inaccuracies or loss.

Cash out requests take within 24 – 48 hours (including weekends) after the request is made to be processed. It could be paid in 1 hour or 48 hours depending on how long it takes us to conduct due diligence on orders which can be project dependent (up to 90 days). If you provide invalid Bank/PayPal Account details, your cash out would be delayed until you provide correct details and confirm the same.

Other Concerns

It is important to check this page regularly, read our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. When we update our process, we would notify our users. However, we are not obliged to do so, especially when we believe the change is minor.

Should you have questions or comments regarding this process or need support, please send an email to or reach us via live chat on the website.